Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nice Day

Hey all,

Yesterday was a beautiful day, one I have enjoyed the most while at Villanova. It's days like these that encourage me to help the environment. Back home in California, almost every day was like this. I couldn't appreciate the beauty as much because it was the norm for me. However, the days I did stop to smell the roses, I couldn't help but think, "Wow, this is amazing. I want to do what ever I can to ensure that this wonderful world stays the way it is." My desire to sustain the earth was further nurtured by the fantastic time I had in my Environmental Science class. I decided I would become an Environmental Engineer so that I could construct things that could help keep our world pristine. Although, currently I don't have all the knowledge or resources to build any life altering machines or structures. Further, not everyone around me has access to the tools they need to radically change the world. So for now, I am doing "my part" on campus to lower my impact on the environment.

There are some very simple steps that can be taken to reducing your "emissions" on campus. One of the easiest things is to avoid using lights while in your room. Open a window, like I said, its beautiful outside. Let the sun do its thing and light up your room. If you have to use a light, avoid doubling up on both a desk lamp and the overhead if you can. Additionally, TURN YOUR LIGHTS OFF when you leave the room! Countless times I have walked into my room lit up with nobody inside of it. Although we don't have to pay the energy bills around here, the energy we use still creates an output.

When it comes to water, always use cold settings on your washing machine. Try to take cold showers if you can. If that's not your thing, then simply limit your time in the hot water. Just like at home, don't leave the sink running while brushing your teeth.

The last simple thing to do is just recycle. Several times I go to throw away my garbage and I spot recyclable  material in the garbage. The recycling bin is RIGHT NEXT TO the garbage bin. Take the little effort to make a big difference in our land fills and need for virgin materials.

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  1. Stouffer-
    I completely agree! It is SO EASY to do just these little tasks and if everyone participated it could have a huge impact. It makes me so angry that people are so mindless and throw a plastic bottle in the trash when there's a recycling bin right next to it. I think our campus could step it up in the green movement, though. I know some campuses that provide each dorm with a small recycling bin. At University of Wisconsin next to each trash bin on campus there is a recycling bin AND a compost bin. Even spreading the awareness around campus could make a huge difference, I try to spread the word to my friends too. Not all kids are raised on recycling and living environmentally.